Below is a list of just some of the many services that Charles Construction Company, Inc. can provide.

For more information regarding out company or any of our services, please email us, contact us using the form, or call us directly at 570-753-3595.

Site Preparation for Commercial and Residential Development

Charles Construction Co Inc Has completed site work for Commercial and Institutional buildings, residential subdivisions and single family residences. Site work services include: clearing of the property, excavation of roadways, excavation and fill of the building site, installation of underground utilities, stone placement and asphalt paving of roadways, grading and spreading of topsoil. We have completed residential subdivisions with a few building lots or ones with more than on hundred building lots. Institutional (school) work consists of not only work related to the building lot but also construction of athletic fields and paving for all-weather running tracks.

Sanitary Sewer, Water Line, and Storm Sewer Construction

Charles Construction Co Inc installs sanitary sewer mains, manholes, sanitary sewer service lines, water main lines, water service lines and storm water management systems. Installation of storm water management systems includes not only installation of the piping and inlets but also retention ponds and ground water recharge systems.

Asphalt Paving of Roads, parking lots, tennis courts, and driveways.

Charles Construction Co Inc. asphalt paves roadways, parking lots, tennis courts, and driveways. We pave either on a surface prepared by you or we will do the necessary prep work before the paving is done. We can repair existing asphalt by either overlaying the existing surface or for asphalt that is more deteriorated base repairs can be made. Base repairs can be done by either saw cutting and excavating the area or by milling the asphalt to prepare the area for paving. We have paved several all weather running tracks that we control the screed of the paver by use of a laser.

Penn Dot approved asphalt paving material

Charles Construction Co. Inc. produces Penn Dot approved asphalt paving material; Gyratory compacted volumetric mix designs. Our plant is located on Rt. 880 about 4 miles south of Jersey Shore which is about 9 miles from exit 192 (Jersey Shore exit_ of route I-80. We still produce some Marshall mix designed material; ID2 , ID3, BCBC and Binder. “Tar Buggies” can be filled at the plant.

Excavating and Grading Services

Charles Construction Co Inc. performs several excavating and grading services. We can excavate to re-contour a property by removal of material or hauling in material. We also excavate for and place rip rap for slope and stream bank protection. We can grade an area to remove unevenness of the ground or to redirect the flow of storm water from an area. We can grade and shape dirt and stone roads and driveways.

Haul roads and skid trails for logging industry

Charles Construction Co Inc has built haul roads and skid trials for several logging companies. We can install pipes for stream crossing. We have shale available for soft areas.


Charles Construction Co Inc excavates foundations for all types of structures. For foundations with pre-cast walls we can place the stone for the walls.


Charles Construction Co Inc has both screened and unscreened topsoil.

Septic Systems

Charles  Construction Co. Inc install both conventional and alternate septic systems.

Our Services

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